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Established in 2001, Atoll Beauties is proud to offer quality giant clams that are farmed with a high focus on sustainable and Fair Trade practices. The owners Michael and Riteta Savins have perfected the process of clam reproduction in partnership with community farmers to assist in the grow out of extremely vibrant coloured clams. I-Kiribati people on remote atolls with pristine reef environments are supplied with baskets of baby clams from 10mm in size and are responsible for keeping them suspended in fresh moving water and cleaned once a week. Kiribati Clams purchases them back after one year of growth, when they reach approximately 40mm in size, providing income for the local people and encouraging them to participate in this sustainable practice instead of depleting their natural resources.

Tridacna maxima clams grow to the size of a person’s hand, and each are an individual work of art with their intricate patterns and luminous colours. This makes them perfect for living aquariums and other displays.

It is with great pride that we ship our Kiribati clams to satisfied customers around the world. Please contact us for an all-inclusive quote.

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An important part of our operations is the relationship between the farm and the surrounding communities.

In addition to the main hatchery and the land-based nursery system, Atoll Beauties also established ocean grow out systems in outer islands of Kiribati. These giant clam mariculture clam grow out farms are managed by the local communities.

The communities involved have proven themselves committed and willing to dedicate the time and effort to successfully farm giant clams for the aquarium market.